Things to Consider Before Saying ‘No’ to MaintiMizer:

Are you using your current CMMS to its full extent?

We help our clients understand the ins-and-outs of MaintiMizer to make sure they are getting the most out of the system.

Is your system being under-utilized because it is not user-friendly?
MaintiMizer can be customized to fit every expertise level.

Is your system giving you the data you need when you need it?
MaintiMizer has over 20 pre-populated reports at your disposal as soon as you implement the system, not to mention unlimited custom report capabilities.

Does your system meet audit requirements you need to comply with?
Don’t be fooled by “Dashboard Software” companies, often these software packages do not comply with audit requirements.

Are you getting the personalized Customer Service experience you deserve?
Ashcom Technologies offer what most of the “big companies” do not, an accessible Customer Service Team you can count on.

Is your system’s Support Department located in the U.S. and easily accessible?
MaintiMizer Support Technicians are 100% based in the U.S. and are eager to assist you.

Does your company have limited or outsourced IT Support?
MaintiMizer BlackBox and Hosted MaintiMizer systems require minimal, if any, internal IT support.

Is it difficult to maintain the software package due to limited storage space and/or old or outdated servers?
MaintiMizer BlackBox or Hosted MaintiMizer systems eliminate these issues; let us take care of your data.

Is implementing a large software package a challenge for you?
Our Technical Support and Project Management Teams are ready to help you every step of the way!

Are you too busy to look for another software package that may serve you better?
Give us the chance to speak to you about the obstacles you are experiencing with your current system and explain how we can eliminate them.

Is the thought of changing CMMS packages overwhelming due to the time and effort involved?
We understand the idea of switching software packages can be overwhelming, let us guide the project and provide you with the steps to take and when.

Does your system have reporting features that really help you understand the cost and efficiency of your maintenance team?
MaintiMizer comes complete with pre-written reports and queries, ready for you to use right away.

Can you customize your system to your business’ unique needs and wants or do you have to “make it work”?
MaintiMizer is fully customizable, adjusting to the needs of companies regardless of size or industry!

MaintiMizer CMMS Overview

  • cmms software - Preventive Maintenance
  • Computerized Maintenance Management Software
  • CMMS Programs
  • Asset Tracking Software
  • Preventive Maintenance Software

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