MaintiMizer™ BlackBox²

MaintiMizer™ is a maintenance software solution for equipment, facility, and asset management of your business. The software operates to improve the compliance, safety and quality standards of your business operations.

Is your organization small but growing? Do you know that a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) can benefit your business?

Has your research produced several CMMS or EAM systems that are out of your budget or too robust for your needs?

MaintiMizer BlackBox² CMMS is the solution for you!

MaintiMizer BlackBox² CMMS was designed to be a solution for smaller operations without eliminating key functionality of a CMMS solution MaintiMizer BlackBox² is:

  • A self-contained CMMS network appliance that does not require a dedicated IT team to manage it.
  • Designed to be plugged in, turned on, and immediately able to help record and track key data.
  • A fully functional CMMS/EAM system including Work Order, PM/Equipment, Inventory, and Vendor/PO modules.
  • Able to manage work orders, preventative maintenance schedules and tasks, assets, Inventory, and Purchase Orders.
  • A tool to report and analyze trends in data.
  • Maintenance software

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