HuFriedyGroup Chooses a Corporate Wide Solution

With over 200 years of collective experience in the dental industry, HuFriedyGroup is a global leader in dental instrument manufacturing, infection prevention, and instrument reprocessing workflows. HuFriedyGroup helps dental professionals be the best in practice by providing a complete circle of protection in the dental suite, bringing together world-class products, services, education, and communities that result in superior clinician performance, clinical outcomes, and safety for clinicians and patients. Headquartered in Chicago, HuFriedyGroup products are distributed in more than 100 countries, and the dental division maintains offices in Germany, Italy, China, and Japan.

We pride ourselves on forging relationships with dental professionals, starting as students and continuing through their entire careers. We are constantly creating new products and new opportunities for dental professionals to deliver the best care to patients.

As The HuFriedyGroup continues to expand, they recently acquired a long-standing manufacturer of dental equipment located in New York. This location already had a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS), MainSaver, in place. However, The HuFriedyGroup decided it was time for all their locations to use one CMMS. Utilizing different CMMSs within the same company creates a lack of centralized intelligence.

Adding a corporate-wide solution provides a baseline standard of data, parts inventory, and terminology among each facility. One corporate CMMS system allows the company to gather and maintain maintenance intelligence.

This solution allows corporate to make better, more well-informed decisions when it comes to their maintenance departments. It allows facilities to share parts, which in turn decreases the need for last-minute ordering and reduces expedited shipping costs. The solution keeps each asset they have up and running in the most efficient and safe way possible while controlling costs in a more definitive manner. Additionally, this helps to build a standard of accountability and communication across all locations while ensuring a more harmonious working atmosphere. This solution allows HuFriedyGroup to continue to forge relationships within the dental community to deliver the best care to patients worldwide.

Over the next few years, HuFriedyGroup and Ashcom will work closely together to bring MaintiMizerâ„¢ into each facility, implement the changes needed, and standardize their maintenance processes. HuFriedyGroup, along with Ashcom, is excited to get this project underway and to see the positive changes it will bring to their company and bottom line.