9 Ways to Achieve Best Practices in Factory Maintenance

We recently found a great article about best practices in Factory Maintenance, check it out at EET-Asia:

It is possible to establish best practices in production factory maintenance but to achieve this requires the great effort from electronics original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). What makes this goal so difficult and why are manufacturers still running at a reactive model? Read more

Maintenance vs Operations

The maintenance department and the operation side of a business are often disconnected. While both groups significantly impact an organization and its success, more often than not the two departments act like opponents rather than members of the same team. This prompts questions including, why is it common for these two groups to bump heads? And what can you do to foster a better working relationship and improve the overall operation?

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How Does Culture Impact Your Maintenance Department?

“A culture is made — or destroyed — by its articulate voices.” —Ayn Rand.

The above quote holds true in any environment, including maintenance departments. Creating a positive culture encourages involvement and a higher level of performance. Negative culture can harm efficiency and progress by creating a depressing atmosphere, with pessimistic and unenthusiastic employees.

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Zero Equipment Failure —Fact or Fiction?

Is zero equipment failure fact or fiction?  Although it is the ultimate goal in many maintenance departments, many question if it is really an achievable goal. After discussing the topic with several maintenance professionals at different organizations, the majority agree, it is NOT possible to execute zero equipment failure, however it is a good goal. There are certainly several actions that maintenance departments can take to avoid the majority of equipment breakdowns and come closer to zero equipment failure.

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Is Your Maintenance Strategy Based on Criticality?

Picture this: your maintenance team has a full schedule of preventive maintenance tasks to complete this week. Unfortunately, almost half the team is out sick with a nasty flu bug, and you expect those effected to be out for at least two days. How do you decide which PM tasks really need to be completed this week and which can wait?

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Top 5 Secrets to a Successful Maintenance Department

Secrets: they’re mystical, magical, and are powerful marketing tools. Many successful companies and their products have secrets; whether it is a secret ingredient, a secret weapon, or is the answer to all of your problems. Maintenance departments have secrets as well.  I have gathered insight from leading maintenance professionals and have uncovered five common ‘secrets’ to running an effective maintenance department.

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What is Condition-Based Maintenance Strategy?

Condition-based (CBM) maintenance strategy is based on the simple principle of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” In other words, a CBM strategy is based on the idea of performing maintenance only when the need arises, when one or more indicators show that equipment performance is deteriorating or that the equipment is about to fail.

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Success with Key Performance Indicators [KPI’s]

Key Performance Indicators [KPI’s] are meant to help define goals and measure the progress of achieving those goals. Maintenance managers are always searching for ways to improve their department, and because of that you might be thinking, “Sounds great! Let’s get started and roll out the KPI’s!” While I love the enthusiasm, let’s take this one step at a time. In order for KPI’s to be successful you should understand the correct use, the limitations, and I’ll give you a few hints on focus on. Let’s get started.

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Leadership: The Building Block of a Successful Maintenance Department

A strong leader cannot reach their goals alone. They must build a team and work side-by-side with the group making sure everyone knows the expectations and the final goal they are striving to achieve. The leadership of the maintenance department sets the tone. The tone develops the culture in the workplace. The culture determines the atmosphere and the atmosphere defines how the people feel about their work and where they work.

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Maintenance: Best and Worst Practices

What to Start, and Stop, in Your Maintenance Department
A maintenance department can experience unexpected battles, resulting in an upsetting loss or a well-earned victory.  The practices and values that play out on a day-to-day basis can help predict the end results.  To be able to run the maintenance department as a well-oiled machine, there are several “do’s” and “don’ts” that take place. Having worked with different companies and with people at all levels within the organizations I have learned the key do’s and don’ts of maintenance.

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