Designed to work seamlessly with MaintiMizer™, DocuMizer proactively and cost-effectively manages the data entry, storage, retrieval, and security of your most critical maintenance records!

DocuMizer uses state-of-the-art, easy-to-learn scanning technology to:

  • Reduce data input time by automatically reading hand-written text off the printed work order form.
  • Eliminate costly data input errors.
  • Significantly reduce the physical office space required for printed work order storage.
  • Simplify hard copy work order retrieval.
  • Store printed work orders safely and securely.

Using DocuMizer is as easy as 1-2-3 for both your maintenance and office staff:

  1. Maintenance personnel uses the same work order form they do now to write down data—the only difference is that they write in boxes rather than on lines.
  2. Office staff takes the completed work order form and scans it—much like feeding paper into a fax machine.
  3. Staff can retrieve information through MaintiMizer just as they do now or, if they prefer, directly from DocuMizer. Backup files can be stored on DVD or hard drive, eliminating the need for creating, maintaining, and storing paper files.

See the positive results for yourself in proven time and money savings and a clear increase in productivity!

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