What to Look for in a CMMS Software

CMMS Software

A Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) can be a vital tool to manage your maintenance department. If you don’t have a CMMS software in place or are shopping around for something new, here are a few key items you should consider when comparing software packages.

Management Reporting

As with any software application, senior management must drive the use of an application in order to ensure the benefits are derived from the investment. Through the management reporting capability of a CMMS solution, senior management can now have the visibility into the maintenance of one of their most costly assets, equipment.

A CMMS product must be able to generate reports on historical information so management can see trends in maintenance of the equipment. What is the most problematic or costly piece of equipment? How much down time has occurred due to failure or lack of parts? Forecasting labor and parts usage through historical data and scheduled Preventative Maintenance (PM) work orders can justify additional personnel or new tools needed to reduce cost. To be effective, these types of reports need to be easy to create and customizable.

Ease of Use

Another success factor in implementation of a CMMS software products is the ease of use and accessibility to the software. Any person or manager should be able to generate a very basic work order request. A maintenance manager can then convert the request to a more detailed work order, assigning a technician and scheduling the work to be completed.  PM work orders need to be easily scheduled in advance, showing cost, SOPs, schematics, warranties and parts needed to complete the task. Adding personnel, equipment, parts, facilities and locations should be customizable for those with the proper security.

Viewing and updating scheduled and non scheduled work orders should be able to be done easily through the use of PDAs, tablets and smart phones. It is also helpful to be able to issue or receive tool and part inventory by printing and scanning bar codes labels.

A CMMS also needs to be easy to navigate for all levels of computer literacy. Well thought out, intuitive screens and processes go a long way in successfully implementing and using a CMMS software package.


In order to ensure your company is complying with government and industry mandates like OSHA or certification for ISO9000, documentation that equipment is maintained on a regular basis is essential. Having the ability to show how and when equipment has been maintained through audit trails can ensure certification and compliance or in extreme cases, show due diligence.

At Ashcom Technologies, we strive to improve our CMMS system through the user experience. Let us show you why MaintiMizer™ is the solution for your facility. Contact us today to discuss other vital capabilities of CMMS’ and how we can help you improve your operation.