Add-on Modules


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Add Additional Capabilities to MaintiMizer™

with Our Add-on Modules

With MaintiMizer™ you can expand your system’s functionality (and increase your organization’s bottom-line benefit) with a variety of add-on modules that we designed to integrate seamlessly with your MaintiMizer system!

Dynamic SOP

As more facility’s look to reduce paper and digitally manage their standard procedures, MaintiMizer can digitally track SOP steps assigned to a work order or project.

The Dynamic SOP allows you to:

Break down instructions for complex procedures into individual items.

Provide feedback on each aspect of the procedure.

Prevents a work order from being closed until required feedback is provided.

Risk Assessment

As you grow your maintenance process and intelligence, MaintiMizer can be used to support EHS requirements, OSHA and Health and Safety requirements with recorded safety assessments for jobs and make them a part of the work history.


Just Point and Click - Maybe you remember the days when an attendant stood by your inventory crib, guarding the tens of thousands of dollars of assets you had stored there. With MaintiMizer’s™ barcoding add-on, those days are back! By using a handheld device like iPhone, android, tablets, wireless barcode scanner or corded USB scanner. MaintiMizer’s barcoding software allows your employees to scan a part with a barcode, the work order they need it for, and their employee badge and record the transaction within seconds.


You’ll know exactly how much inventory you have, what asset to charge it to, and what employee has accessed the crib. See the benefit for yourself in reduced inventory costs, greater inventory security, and more proactive inventory management!


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