MaintiMizer 5.0


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Using intuitive built in AI, your Maintenance Plan just got simpler.

MaintiMizer™ 5.0!

We have given MaintiMizer a huge facelift—an entirely new, modern, and sleek look. Updated search functions. Sidebar menus. Upgraded tablet functionality. Let’s not forget the part we’ve been begged for and are extremely excited over: a whole new home page dashboard with report widgets. The homepage is still customizable, we have five available report widgets—with more coming—you can display up to four widgets nicely on your home screen.


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We are over-the-moon excited to launch this product for you. It’s everything you need in a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) and then some. MaintiMizer has been a popular CMMS for over 35 years now, and it just got even better.

This is one launch you’re not going to want to miss. Once you upgrade to 5.0 you’ll be able to upgrade to each version of 5.0 as it becomes available. Quarterly updates are our standard. As we add more report widgets and continue adding all the features you’ve requested, you’ll get each of those updates for free.*

Upgrading to any software can seem daunting. At Ashcom, we will make it easy for you. Hands-on training is completed either virtually or in person. A world-class support team is standing by to integrate your data, answer simple how-to questions, and install your new software. We make it easy because your success is our success.

*Must have an active AMA for MaintiMizer 5.0 to enjoy free updates.

Deployment Options for 5.0

MaintiMizer™ is organized into “modules” that correspond to the most frequently-used maintenance management functions: Work Order, Preventive Maintenance/Equipment, Inventory, Vendor/Purchase Order, and Timecard. (There are also Utility and Help modules to help you manage and learn the system.) You access the modules through the menu bar at the top of each screen.

The screens themselves are straightforward and easy to read, without extra graphics to slow the system down or clutter the page. Because the screens look similar from module to module, it takes less time to become comfortable using the entire system. Drop down menus, look-up fields (noted by a magnifying glass icon), and calendars make the system easy to navigate and use, even for people with limited computer experience. (If you can use the Internet, you can use MaintiMizer™ 5.0)

Subscription base – Low monthly fee, requires minimal implementation, just sign up and get to work.

Ashcom Hosted – Keep your data safe and secure at Ashcom’s data center.

On Premise – Need a more secure way of handling your data? Manage and Host MaintiMizer™ at your facility.


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