So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye: US Airways

Today is a historic day as US Airways takes it’s last flight as US Airways. The company survives and is strong, merging with American Airlines to create a powerhouse in the airline industry. Just 13 years ago, US Airways was struggling with the decline of the economy and Ashcom Technologies was one of many companies who helped them stay on their feet. We bid farewell to an icon, and celebrate the successes as you move forward stronger than ever! We leave you with our press release from 2002:

Ashcom Technologies, Inc. President Offers Financial Gift to US Airways

Release Date: Monday, September 30, 2002

(Ann Arbor, MI) – In an effort to jump start the slow economy, Tim Good, President and CEO of Ashcom Technologies, Inc., recently offered up a check for $500 to US Airways. Good is hoping that other CEOs will feel as he does and will share in his vision to draw the airlines back from the brink of collapse, one small donation at a time.

“It is my hope that others will follow my lead and together we can re-establish the security, prosperity and longevity of corporations such as US Airways,” says Good.

Good mailed the check directly to US Airways last week along with a note summarizing his rationale for issuing his financial support:

“…Our economy is failing and some of the strongest corporations in the country are suffering greatly as a direct result of the (9/11) attacks. To me, the airlines are a symbol of what makes this country great…We must build upon the strengths of one another, lean on one another if necessary, and rebuild the prosperity of this nation…”

Good is President and Chief Executive Officer of Ashcom Technologies, Inc., a knowledge and maintenance management solutions provider in Central Michigan. For more information, visit www.ashcomtech.com.