The Essential Features of a CMMS

Shopping for a CMMS can be intimidating. You have to navigate the many features and services a CMMS offers while considering your businesses’ needs. Luckily, Ashcom Technologies prides itself on keeping things simple and easy to understand. We’re here to be your Sherpa, guiding you through the vast and intimidating mountainside of maintenance software. Read below for a list of absolute must-have features in a CMMS.

Work Order

The Work Order module in a CMMS grants the user the ability to schedule maintenance or repairs on equipment and then assign them to employees.

Work Orders make for a better organized business; they provide records of assigned tasks, are easily located by an assigned code, and also provide relevant information to the assigned employee.

Preventative Maintenance

Speaking of scheduling, to ensure you get the most coin out of your incredibly valuable assets you’ll want to make sure your CMMS has a Preventative Maintenance feature. Preventative Maintenance allows you to register assets, say for example a rocket ship, create maintenance schedules for your rocket ship, and then also track the cost of maintaining your rocket ship.

Inventory Management

If you’re building rocket ships maintaining those valuable assets can save your company an incredible amount of money. The same goes for tracking your inventory.

It also saves you from an incredible number of headaches as it’ll allow you to track parts, equipment, and tools including the quantity, location, and cost.

Vendor/Purchase Order

A good CMMS will undoubtedly save your organization a lot of cash. The Purchase Order feature will help you spend it! This module allows you to keep track of vendors, invoices, issue and automate purchase orders, authorize shipping, and keep track of all past purchase orders.

A huge component of maintenance is being well prepared with tools, equipment, and parts. The Purchase Order feature allows you to do just that.


You’ve kept tabs on your equipment, tools, parts, purchase orders, vendors, and just about everything else in your maintenance department. Now you need a way to schedule your most important asset, the people!

A Timecard feature allows you to create schedules for your employees and track where labor hours are spent.

There you have it; the must-have features in a CMMS that’ll have the biggest impact on your maintenance department. We told you we’d keep it simple! Once you have these features implemented into your organization, you’ll be building rocket ships in no time.