Grand Island YMCA Builds the Future


Jerry Reed is straightforward about the situation he faced when he took over as Property Manager of Grand Island YMCA in 2002: “The facility was filthy. Equipment was broken. Even the air conditioner and heater worked only occasionally.” Grand Island YMCA members weren’t happy either – membership was down and complaints were way up.   Until that time, all building maintenance was handled by outside contractors. As a result, there were no internal maintenance records and no system for ensuring preventive maintenance tasks were completed regularly – or at all.

In response, Jerry instituted a manual preventive maintenance system in which each piece of equipment would be serviced regularly by one of his five maintenance staff members. However, with a 65,000 square foot facility to maintain and a further addition planned, it was clear that installing a computerized maintenance management system would ultimately save time and money, as well as help provide the best environment possible for Grand Island YMCA members.

Jerry and his team determined that any system selected must meet three criteria: it must be cost-effective; it must be easy to set up and use; and it had to be capable of growing with the facility as it expanded. One system and one company met all those requirements: the MaintiMizer™ from Ashcom Technologies of Ann Arbor, MI.


Today, the scheduling and tracking of all facility-wide preventive maintenance tasks is handled automatically through the MaintiMizer™ system. Every Monday, Jerry prints out that week’s preventive maintenance work orders, which have been assigned through the system to the appropriate maintenance staff member. Once Jerry distributes the work orders, his staff members complete their assignments and then return the completed work order forms to him. Jerry then updates the MaintiMizer™ record for those pieces of equipment and the program automatically schedules the next preventive maintenance cycle.

Although the preventive maintenance system has greatly reduced trouble calls, they still happen occasionally. In that case, Jerry uses MaintiMizer™ to generate a quick work order as well as to see immediately who has time to complete it. MaintiMizer™ also tracks parts and labor costs for each work order, helping Jerry and his department with budgeting for the following year and making it easier to justify any request for additional resources.

Currently, Grand Island YMCA is planning the addition of a new facility in conjunction with the local school district. When that happens, the other building and its equipment will simply be added to the existing MaintiMizer™ installation and the work order process will be managed through the YMCA’s email system.

Jerry notes, “As much as MaintiMizer™ has helped my department do its job better, the benefits to our members have been even more significant. The facility is cleaner, everything works, and the members are happy.”

It’s not only Jerry who feels that way — Grand Island YMCA membership is up more than 11% over the past year.

Want to learn more about how MaintiMizer™ can help your facility? Call us today at 800-366-0793. We look forward to hearing from you!