Leyland Trucks Creates a Custom CMMS to Support Its State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Facility Using MaintiMizer™ Web Edition


After Leyland Trucks, a more than century-old manufacturing company in Lancashire, UK, was acquired by PACCAR in 1998; it became the group’s established center for the design, development, and manufacture of light and medium duty trucks. However, as Phil Glover, Leyland Truck’s senior manufacturing engineer for maintenance and facilities, noted, despite its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, Leyland’s maintenance management system could best be described as “homemade.” “We needed one system that could manage everything and that we could have confidence in,” Phil continued. “We saw that PACCAR was successfully using MaintiMizer in other locations and thought that it might work for us too.”


Today, Leyland Trucks uses MaintiMizer Web Edition to manage work orders, schedules, stores and materials inventories and stock levels, labor hours, and preventive maintenance. “Having everything on one system is a huge benefit,” said Phil. “We are more efficient and have better control over our maintenance activities. We’ve cut down on clerical errors, we’re not running out of parts, and our work is more accurate.”

Given the complexity of Leyland’s manufacturing environment, Phil has taken advantage of the opportunity to work with the MaintiMizer team at Ashcom Technologies on a number of customizations. For example, Ashcom developed a way for Leyland to use MaintiMizer to track shipping and receiving from its own distribution centers as a way to more effectively manage its internal inventory.

In the future, Phil intends for the system to be completely paperless and is working with Ashcom to use tablets and scanners to achieve that goal. “Ashcom has been very accommodating,” noted Phil. “They’ve done a lot of work for us to make sure our system works well now and will continue to meet our needs in the future. We have a lot of confidence in MaintiMizer.”