Mystic Lake Casino Grows Smart




When it opened its doors in 1992, Mystic Lake Casino’s management team had one goal – to create the premier gaming destination in the Midwest – owned and operated by the Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community. By 1995, the Mystic Lake Casino Hotel, a 216-room and suite luxury resort, was slated to open. With a marketing campaign designed to attract visitors throughout the region, everything was in place – except for a comprehensive system that would ensure that the Mystic Lake facility maintenance staff could effectively and proactively maintain this large, highly visible public space.

Up to the point, Mystic Lake’s facility maintenance records were paper-based and preventive maintenance was rare-which, for the most part, put the maintenance team in a reactive mode. Although cumbersome, the system worked for the original casino space, but the Mystic Lake management team realized the addition of the hotel space would completely strain the maintenance staff’s limited resources. The solution seemed clear – Mystic Lake needed a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) that would coordinate the maintenance functions for all its current – and any future – facilities.

The Mystic Lake management team agreed that any system selected must meet several criteria: it must be easy-to-use, even for staff members without computer skills; it must be highly functional with strong reporting capabilities; and it must come from a company willing and able to provide on-site training. Most importantly, the system selected had to be capable of growing with Mystic Lake, since future facility expansions were already in the planning stages. Finally, the company behind the system had to have the strength and stability to ensure it would be around to maintain it well into the future. One system and one company met all those requirements: MaintiMizer™ from Ashcom Technologies of Ann Arbor, MI.


From its installation in 1995 through today, the MaintiMizer™ CMMS has grown with Mystic Lake: today, the facility spans 850,000 square feet, including two hotel towers with more than 400 rooms and suites, five restaurants and kitchens, and 8 public restrooms. MaintiMizer™ itself has expanded from its original DOS version to full Windows functionality. With its focus on preventative maintenance, the MaintiMizer™ system ensures that key locations – interior finishes, floors and ceilings, and restrooms – are regularly and routinely inspected. Potential problems are spotted and fixed before visitors know they exist, preserving the high-quality environment for which Mystic Lake is known.

According to Jim Whitcomb, Manager of Engineering and Maintenance at Mystic Lake, “Following a regular preventive maintenance schedule has resulted in fewer equipment failures and a more consistent, high-quality environment for our guests.”

In addition to ensuring a positive experience for guests, Jim believes the MaintiMizer™ system has also improved the work environment for his staff. “Training is easier because job requirements have been clearly defined. Supervising our staff is also easier, since the system holds all maintenance personnel accountable for completing their assigned work orders. Also, the more effort we put into preventative maintenance, the fewer emergency calls we get form our housekeeping staff, which keeps them happy, too.”

“Life is easier with the MaintiMizer™ system” adds Jim. “It helps my department function at a higher level.”

Visitors to Mystic Lake Casino Hotel apparently agree – readers of Midwest Gaming and Travel Magazine recently voted Mystic Lake as their “Favorite Casino Hotel.”

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