Interbake Foods: Getting More out of MaintiMizer™


Interbake Foods became an Ashcom client in 2011. They were looking for a program to help them manage their maintenance department. When MaintiMizer™ was first introduced Interbake Foods only used the Work Order and Equipment Modules. As they progressed, engineering manager Keith Longhurst decided that they had “grown to the point where we really needed significant training before we could effectively progress further in this system.” Seven months after MaintiMizer™ was installed Interbake decided to invest in Ashcom’s Continuous Improvement Curriculum program to help them better utilize the entire MaintiMizer™ system.


Ashcom’s Continuous Improvement Curriculum takes a very personalized approach, it is designed to help companies get more out of their MaintiMizer™ system. A step above the basic software training, Continuous Improvement Curriculum dives deeper and reviews current use, recommends changes for improvement, and shows daily users why the changes need to occur, what the changes need to be and how to implement them.

Craig Miller, Ashcom’s resident field expert, visited the Front Royal, Virginia Interbake plant. Craig used MaintiMizer™ for 18 years as a maintenance manager and his maintenance background allows him to have a well-rounded view of facilities strengths and weaknesses, offering sound advice on how to make improvements. During his visit to Interbake Foods, Craig explained the necessity of having detailed written procedures clearly communicated to all levels of the maintenance staff. He illustrated how to write Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) for Preventative Maintenance (PM) tasks. He also demonstrated how to utilize system reporting and the work order drop down menus efficiently and effectively. Craig discussed how to create valuable and usable custom fields in MaintiMizer™. He also demonstrated how to inventory parts, set up purchase orders and vendor records, and how to use the scheduling module.

The Continuous Improvement Curriculum helps Ashcom have a better understanding of what their clients need and want while helping the client better understand all of the possibilities MaintiMizer™ has to offer their organization. “We will get the desired results with a much more effective and utilized MaintiMizer™ system.” Keith Longhurst stated.