Kent Displays Digs Deep


Kent Displays is a world leader in Reflex LCD research, development and manufacturing. In 2008, Kent installed a new production line at their Kent Ohio headquarters. Like many manufacturing facilities, one of Kent Displays’ objectives in purchasing and implementing a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) was to minimize the number of reactive work orders the maintenance team was tending to and to transition into a more scheduled proactive maintenance model.


Kent Displays chose MaintiMizer™ CMMS to improve their maintenance department and also invested in the benefits of Ashcom’s Continuous Improvement Curriculum (CIC). The Continuous Improvement Curriculum services are provided by Ashcom to help clients further develop their use of MaintiMizer™ to its fullest extent. CIC goes beyond basic software training and is tailored specifically for the client’s needs, wants, and expectations.

An Ashcom Subject Matter Expert (SME) visited the Kent Ohio facility and was able to witness first hand many situations that Kent’s maintenance department face on a daily basis. Armed with this knowledge, the SME and maintenance staff agreed that developing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Best Practices and Procedures were the next steps in improving their productivity. Together, several new meaningful and measurable PM’s were developed along with a list of additional PM’s to add to the database in the near future. Before departing Kent Displays the SME assisted in creating a long term, achievable plan to continue positive changes in the maintenance department.

“I would recommend Continuous Improvement Curriculum training to anyone that is interested in more than just the operation of the MaintiMizer™ system and want to dig deep into maintaining their equipment/facility. ” Mike Smith, Kent Displays, Kent Ohio