Sygenta Seeds – Slater Leaves Sap to come back to MaintiMizer™

Syngenta Seeds is a scientific corporation and global leader that provides essential inputs to growers: crop protection, seeds, seed treatments, and traits. We believe in delivering better food for a better world with outstanding crop solutions. Our goals are to be the leading global provider of innovative products at every step of the agronomic process, to understand the interplay between growers and the food chain, and to optimize results.

Being a leading global provider of any goods or service requires keeping up with the demands of the industry, including standards, quality, and quantity. This begins with proper maintenance of facilities and assets, which is what Chad Anderson, facility manager of Syngenta Seeds–Slater, understands. This is why Chad brought MaintiMizerTM back to Syngenta after corporate’s decision to use SAP and its limited maintenance module a few years prior.

SAP is primarily an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. It thrives in accounting, data analysis, and sustainability management. Maintenance modules, on the other hand, get left behind. Unless you invest heavily in custom maintenance modules for your company (which can be lacking in many ways), you won’t be able to stay on top of your assets.

SAP tends to miss the mark on contributing data to a PM work order; for example, its downtime codes and clocks are usually missing, and its equipment risk and criticality to the business are often incomplete or missing. Key functions like these are important when setting up a preventative maintenance program. Knowing which assets are key to production ensures they are taken care of first and on a regular basis, keeping production lines going. Knowing which parts are used on which assets and logging work hours to that asset can provide cost breakdown. These seemingly small functions often get overlooked in ERPs like SAP, but any maintenance/facility manager knows how important these are to run their department smoothly.

When Chad reached out to us, he told us he never received SAP’s maintenance module, and a turnaround of 12–18 months did not look promising. He told us he needed MaintiMizer back to run his PM program properly. We were able to reactivate his license to return his previous data in MaintiMizer, which made the transition smoother. We also visited Syngenta for on-site training and a consultation, to train their employees on our system, and to offer best practices to effectively use MaintiMizer.

When it comes to maintenance management, we are more than just software. We are a strategic partner first; we provide our clients with a sustainable competitive advantage by implementing proactive strategies and technologies. We also integrate with popular ERP systems such as SAP to help corporate get the data they need without having to log in and learn a completely separate system. Keep that in mind when corporate asks your maintenance department to switch to an ERP like SAP.