SynergyLabs leaves UpKeep for MaintiMizer™

SynergyLabs is an award-winning concept-to-shelf manufacturer of specialty pet products. Its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility includes a full-service R&D laboratory, on-site chemists, chemical batching area, packaging rooms, and lines. We are “committed to ‘upping’ the game and setting the bar where it needs to be—as high as it can go.” However, Jerry McManamay, the new maintenance manager, discovered SynergyLabs’ computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) was missing a lot of key functionalities the maintenance department needed to keep the company’s lab running smoothly. Being familiar with MaintiMizer through a previous employer, Jerry reached out to Ashcom Technologies in hopes of finding a new solution for SynergyLabs.

On a call, Jerry explained that SynergyLabs’ current CMMS, UpKeep, was missing a risk/criticality feature on its work orders; exhibited poorly designed room/area locations; and, mainly, could not schedule multiple employees over multiple dates on a work order. Overall, the CMMS was not structured for use.

What some companies fail to consider is the possibility of unique use cases in different industries. Some may say MaintiMizer is cumbersome, but what we and our customers like Jerry see is a workhorse ready to be used in any situation. Give us a problem, and we will show you how MaintiMizer can fix it. Not every customer will use the many facets of MaintiMizer. We will show you how to set up your home page, permissions, and settings according to your specific needs or wants. This is exactly what we did for Jerry. He told us the specific problems SynergyLabs’ CMMS had, and we showed him how MaintiMizer could solve them. We also showed him, step-by-step, how to set up MaintiMizer™ and use it for the company’s needs.

Now Jerry, along with his team, has a brand-new system he is excited to use—one that will do everything needed to keep upping the game in the specialty pet products industry.

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